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这个独特的机会由Irfan Malik联合创始人兼inQ Innovation Global董事发起。


这里有480多家初创企业,每月举办25场以上的活动,是澳大利亚领先的孵化器和合作工作社区,包括Fishburners、Stone & Chalk、Tank Stream Labs和The Studio——所有这些企业在这个中心的第一年都取得了巨大的增长。



Next Tuesday 23 July, Sydney Rotary Club Members and guests will be meeting for lunch at the Sydney Startup Hub at 11-31 York Street, Sydney and touring this unique facility.

This event will commence at 12:30pm for 12:45pm and conclude by 1:50pm

The Sydney Startup Hub is a globally significant innovation centre that cements the city’s role as Australia’s startup capital.  It is the first of its kind in Australia and is unmatched in the southern hemisphere in terms of its size and density, across 11 floors, all under one roof.

This unique opportunity is sponsored by Irfan Malik Co-founder and Director inQ Innovation Global.

Funded through a $35 million investment from the NSW Government, the Hub brings together some of Australia’s leading startups, incubators, accelerators and innovation programs under one roof representing the diversity of the startup community.

It is home to more than 480 startups, over 25 events per month and houses Australia’s leading incubator and co working communities including Fishburners, Stone & Chalk, Tank Stream Labs and The Studio – all of whom have seen immense growth in their first year at the Hub.