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A simple introduction of my sharing is: We harvest what we have sowed. In French, we say “nous récoltons ce que nous avons semé”. I am pretty sure that in all civilizations and countries we can find similar sayings.

这篇分享的中心是:我们收获自身的播种。在法语里的表达是“nous récoltons ce que nous avons semé”。我确信在不同的文化或语言里,我们都能找到类似的说法。


It is naturally a Buddhist “art of life” because Buddhism believes strongly in the Law of cause and effect: Everything has its cause!



So, if we want to harvest positive things, a positive life, we must act positively. The best way is to create positive energy around us; our life will become positive and we could resolve difficulties.



How to spread positive energy?



If you want to spread positive energy you must:


– Have good thoughts,

– 思维乐观;

– Listen to good words and good thoughts; don’t listen to or follow bad words or bad thoughts (These are the much easier!),

– 多多听取善良的话语和积极的想法,避开恶言恶语及不正的思维(请记住,好走的路都是下坡路);

– Say good words,

– 口吐莲花;

– Have compassion,

– 慈悲为怀;

– Help others for free WITHOUT THINKING OF RETURN,

– 无私奉献;

– Have true, nice, and frank smiles,

– 发自内心,真诚微笑;

– Recite Buddhist scriptures, especially: Little houses, the Great Compassion Mantra, the Heart Sutra, and in case of relationship difficulties, the Mantra to Untie Karmic Knots,

– 精进念经:尤其要念诵小房子、大悲咒、心经以及化解冤结的解结咒;

– Release fish for saving lives,

– 放生救度;

– Open your heart.

– 敞开心扉。


Sometimes this is a cultivation of oneself, because we must change. But never forget that Buddhas see all the things we think and we do. The more efforts we make and the more good things we do, the more help we will get from Buddhas. Buddhas and Guan Yin Bodhisattva help especially those who are performing good acts!



Xin Wu Shi